May 25, 2011

Style Icon: Catherine Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge

Just here to share some of my favourite Kate Middleton looks:
Attending a friend's wedding in a patterned blue coat and a matching headpiece
At the wedding of Lady Rose Windsor
I absolutely love these two looks. Definitely my favourite out of all outfits I've seen her in. Blue is definitely her favourite colour, as you will see. The coat is in a lovely shade of blue, I don't know if there's an exact name for that shade but it's possibly my favourite shade of the cool colour. The flare is perfect, and so is the length for Catherine. The dress she wore to Lady Rose Windsor's wedding is really pretty too. Nothing over-the-top but outstanding enough from the sea of formal sheaths and coats, as she pulls over a light blue cardigan.
Catherine Middleton worked a cobalt blue dress by Issa at another wedding (man, there are so many weddings!).
The royal blue dress she wore during the engagement announcement was also by Issa, a Britain-based label (also one that I personally like for it's wearable high-fashion).
Other looks by Issa on Prince William's beloved wife:
Another look of blue from the Duchess of Cambridge, a Zara ensemble (dress and blazer):
P.S. I adore her wedges!
Kate Middleton's trench coat looks are great too.
 In Burberry; the design was sold out after pictures of her in it were released
 Love how she added the hat which topped the look with a chic factor
So what do you think of her style?


Jia said...

I love her dress sense! simple! just a plain color dress match with a blazer/cardigan can easily bring out elegance and make her look so sophisticated! Love her sholan brown dress! It's cheap (to rich people)! See you don't need to buy branded, loud or expensive clothes to stand out..she's a great example of how simplicity can make you look good :)

PS: Vic you should be an editor in the fashion magazine :)

tinseltown style said...

I agree! She's definitely dressed appropriately (probably 'cause of all the training she has had to be potential princess) most of the time and her style has improved over time.I love that she's still very down-to-earth, still heads out to the grocery store to buy her supplies, and wearing clothes that are nice but not necessarily too expensive :)

and thanks for the compliment! too bad I don't have that opportunity :(

tinseltown style said...

oh and not to mention she did her own make-up for the engagement press release and i think i read that she didn't go for someone famous to do her makeup for her wedding although she did consult bobbi brown.